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About Us


Quists Coffee was established in 1938 as Melbourne’s first coffee roaster. We bring over 80 years of coffee knowledge and a passion for excellence to our bean selection, roasting and blending. Quists has developed a reputation for quality and consistency.

Guided by a heritage of European expertise, Quists found its niche roasting single origins from all parts of the globe and creating a variety of blends from these origins.

Roasting coffee for maximum flavour development on a consistent basis is one of the great challenges of the coffee trade. Quists’ Roasting Plant operates from a modern, custom built factory in outer Melbourne. A state-of-the-art Brambati coffee roasting plant from Italy enables us to deliver freshly roasted coffee of consistent flavour and texture to meet the needs of a discerning and knowledgeable coffee drinking market. At the same time, meeting all the strict EPA guidelines for emissions and pollutants. 

We purchase only the world’s highest quality coffee beans sourced by experts in the field whilst contributing to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of coffee production at origin.

Quists Coffee offers a range of single origin coffees from around the globe, for those who wish to enjoy the uniqueness of flavour a single varietal offers.

A single coffee bean will generally not, however, possess the complexity needed for a great espresso. Therefore, our Master Roaster, Jim Baruta, has created a variety of blends from single origins. We roast each origin individually to allow the unique attributes of each varietal to be maximised. Then, with an intricate knowledge of each bean, they are carefully blended to create a balanced coffee blend of complex flavours and aromas.  All our single origins and coffee blends are available for purchase from our original store in Melbourne city. A range of blends are available for purchase at our online store.

Your satisfaction with any coffee purchase is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality or freshness of Quists Coffee, we will gladly replace the coffee or you may return it for a full refund. 

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