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Our Roasting Plant

Our Roasting Plant

At Quists, the art and science of coffee roasting is inherent in our nature.  From the selection of green beans to the merging of quality blends, we strive to offer results consistent with our passion for excellence.    

Roasting coffee for maximum flavour development on a consistent basis is one of the great challenges of the coffee trade. Quists’ Roasting Plant operates from a modern, custom built factory in outer Melbourne. A state-of-the-art Brambati coffee roasting plant from Italy along with over 80 years of industry experience and knowledge, enables us to deliver freshly roasted coffee of consistent flavour and texture to meet the needs of a discerning and knowledgeable coffee drinking market. At the same time, Quists is pleased to meet all the strict EPA guidelines for omissions and pollutants.

The sensitivity and experience of our Master Roaster assures that our coffee celebrates all of its wonderful characteristics. This experience and the technology of the Brambati drum roasters ensure we control every aspect of our roasting and reproduce coffee to perfection.

Call us now for Wholesale and Contract and Private label roasting enquiries or to arrange a tour of our facility.

Quists Coffee

Roasting Plant / Warehouse

2/3 Candlebark Ct, Research  3095



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