AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap




“Perfect coffee every morning.”

Elevate your coffee brewing game with the new Flow Control Filter Cap.  This innovative accessory uses a pressure-actuated valve to eliminate drip through and maximize control over the brew process.  Unlike others, this cap fits perfectly on all AeroPress coffee makers and can be used with metal and paper filters – together or separately. Now you can make espresso-like crema and experiment with coarser-ground coffee.

COMPLETE BREW CONTROL – Attach the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap to any AeroPress coffee maker to stop drip through which allows you to extend brew time and use coarser-ground coffee like pre-ground medium. 

ESPRESSO-STYLE CREMA –  When used with a paper filter and dark roast coffee, the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap uses a build up of pressure to create an espresso like crema. 

FILTER FLEXIBILITY – The flexible AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap can be used with the AeroPress Stainless Steel Filter or AeroPress Paper Micro-Filters (or even both at once) to create a variety of delicious flavor profiles. (Filters sold separately)

COFFEE PRESS FLEXIBILITY – Fits all AeroPress coffee makers. (Coffee press not included.)

Twist the Flow Control Filter cap firmly and tightly on the AeroPress chamber. When in use, apply gentle consistent pressure (some resistance is normal).

Cleans up with just a quick rinse, or can be cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Made in USA, Designed in Silicon Valley.

Patents pending


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