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Aji Filters are sewn here in Melbourne, Australia. They are made from a hand loomed 100% Natural Cotton to make delicious creamy pour over coffee. Aji Filters are super easy to clean and are made to last.


Cotton filters have much larger holes compared to traditional paper filters and hold back most of the coffee grounds while still letting in some of the fines and oils to make a full bodied, creamy cup of coffee.

Suitable for:

Aji Filters are compatible with most conical drippers and are available in the two main sizes #01 and #02.

How to use:

  1. Boil your filter for 10 mins.
  2. Fold the seam down and place the Aji Filter in your dripper cone of choice.
  3. Pour hot water through your filter and dripper to preheat/set your filter and then discard this water.
  4. Add 20g of coffee to your filter and level out the grounds to make a flat base.
  5. Pour 300g of water into your coffee in 5 seperate pours of 60 grams, wait for the water to completely filter down before starting the next pour.

Easy Clean:

Aji Filters are made from a durable cotton that is super easy to clean, in fact majority of the spent coffee grounds will wash off just under the pressure of a running tap.

After brewing, discard your coffee grounds, invert your filter and run under water to rinse.


There are a couple of methods to storing your Aji Filter, let it dry out after your last brew and when you are ready to use it again simply pre-wet your filter like you would a paper filter.

Store your filters in a cup of water in the fridge until you are ready to brew again.


Aji Filters are made from a Hand-loomed cotton from Bihar, India. The cotton is sourced through a social enterprise meaning all the profits go back into building communities and infrastructure in the region, this positively impacts people involved in the growing, harvesting and looming of the cotton material.
Our cotton is grown, harvested, pulled into fibres and then loomed, all by hand into a high quality lightweight cotton material.




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