Ethiopia Guji Dikitu – 250g


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Coffees from Guji were previously classified as ‘Sidamo’ (a very wide geographical classification encompassing much of central-south Ethiopia), however more recently they have been separated from this classification and recognised for their unique and distinctive cup profiles. This distinctiveness is driven by the unique combination of elements in this production area, including high altitudes, rich, fertile soil and exceptional heirloom varieties.

This Ethiopia Guji is grown by multiple small-lot holders and families in the Guji region around Dikitu village. Coffee is grown in the shade of false banana, Besana and Berbera trees, which allows for native insects, birds and wildlife to thrive along side the plantation, as opposed to clear-cut harvesting.

More than 350 families on lots as small as 1 hectare in the mountainous hills grow this delicious coffee in rich loamy, red-clay soils. Hand-picked, freshly harvested cherries are dried in the sun on hills and rooftops, and then have the pulp and fruit removed before sorting and selecting the beans into grades.

Guji coffees offer a complex, yet balanced cup profile that does well in both filter and espresso.


Sweet and crisp tropical notes of papaya and lime



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Weight 250 kg

Beans, Ground for Espresso Machine, Ground for Paper Filter, Ground for Plunger / Metal Filter, Ground for Stovetop


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