Frieling ‘Coffee for One’ Gold Filter




Frieling ‘Coffee for One’ Gold Filter

An easy way to make a great cup of filter coffee. All you need is a mug, ground coffee and boiling water and you’re good to go! You don’t even need electricity (perfect for camping)!

With a 23 Karat, gold-plated filter and BPA-Free filter body, the “Coffee-for-One” Gold Filter is the cheaper, eco-friendly alternative to the coffee capsule and the espresso machine.

It is permanent (no need to buy replacement paper filters all the time), reusable, energy efficient and recyclable


  • Simply set the filter on top of a cup or mug,
  • Add medium ground coffee (add more for a strong coffee, less for a weaker coffee),
  • Pour hot water into the regulator, cover with the lid and the brewing is finished once the regulator is empty.
  • Reverse the lid and use it as a drip catcher underneath the filter when you remove it from your mug.
  • Add a dash of milk if you desire and enjoy your freshly brewed filter coffee!
  • Simply wash/rinse the filter and allow to dry on your dish rack.



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