Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate Variety Gift Box



A beautiful box of exquisite drinking chocolates and chai for you to sample, the perfect gift.

Grounded Pleasures craft chocolate from internationally sourced ingredients at their home in the regional Victorian town of Ballarat. Their products are sought after locally and internationally because of their understanding of the pure and essential ingredients that make the perfect hot chocolate. Their products include mint oil from France, chilli from Australia and cocoa from Ghana, making drinking chocolate the way it is meant to be.

The texture of the drinking chocolate is velvety and smooth because of the high cocoa butter content, melting instantly in hot milk.

You will fall hard for the minis, an adorable little box of the finest drinking chocolate around. Delicious!

This beautiful box contains;

• Original Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate 50g

• NOIR Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Real White Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Peruvian Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Sicilian Orange Drinking Chocolate 50g

• French Mint Drinking Chocolate 50g

• Cinnamon Spice Drinking Chocolate 50g

• 7 Spiced Chai 50g



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