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Ready for a new Microlot? Say hello to this fruity coffee sourced from Tungei, Papua New Guinea!

Most Papua New Guinea coffee is produced in the mountain highlands and our Microlot is no exception. The plantation we have sourced this delicious coffee from is situated in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. How good is the view?

Located in the Wahgi Valley region in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Tungei Plantation owes its namesake to the Tungei tribe, which work this plantation to produce the unique and high quality coffee this farm yields. The Tungei tribe was formed of 6 clans and in the modern day they are known for their high quality produce across a variety of different agricultural means, including coffee, tea, vegetables & livestock.

This fully washed coffee is a collaborative effort of the Tungei tribe and was selected because of its excellent quality in the cup and delivery of a fruity profile.

Tasting Notes
Black currant, walnut and malt with soft herbal notes.
Delicate tropical like acidity.
A heavy yet smooth mouthfeel carries notes of hazelnuts and chocolate to the finish.



Additional information

Weight 250 kg

Beans, Ground for Espresso Machine, Ground for Paper Filter, Ground for Plunger / Metal Filter, Ground for Stovetop


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