Prana Chai Original Masala Blend


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It’s a comforting tea quite unlike anything you’ve ever chai-ed. A Goldilocks combination of whole spices and honey – not too spicy, not too sweet.

Prana Chai Original Masala Blend beautifully balances smooth and spicy.

Our blend is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne with premium black tea, whole spices, and ginger. This wet chai tea is coated with 100% Australian pure honey to bind all the aromatic flavours together. #onlythegoodstuff

To preserve the Prana (life force) in every cup, our blends are made with all natural ingredients, without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives.

Ingredients: premium black tea, pure honey, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn, ginger root.

Serves 15 cups per 250g.


  1. Grab a quality Turkish teapot or small saucepan (preferably with a spout).
  2. Toss two heaped teaspoons (that’s 20-25g) of your favourite Prana Chai blend into the pot.
  3. Add any extra sweetener to taste (we love to stick with honey).
  4. Pour in your preferred milk – soy milk and almond milk make great alternatives to dairy options.
  5. Pop the teapot on the stove and heat to a good temperature – but don’t let it boil out the leaves and spices. Heat until hot or close to simmering. It can take two to three minutes.
  6. Put aside and wait till the leaves open in the pot. Leave it any longer and your brew may be stronger and bitter.
  7. Strain the brew into a mug or a fresh teapot if you’re sharing with friends.
  8. Bottoms up!


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