Rhino Professional Milk Jug


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The simple Rhinowares Classic Pitcher 20oz/600ml is a no-frills – yet incredibly beloved – milk jug used by baristas all over the world. Featuring a smooth pouring spout, a busy barista-friendly handle, and a sturdy steel build, it’s the perfect jug for baristas who just want reliable steaming gear that’ll last them years.

The pouring spout is well crafted to help elevate your latte art game. It’ll give you full control over the speed, intensity, and placement of your milk foam, which will lead it crisper, prettier art.

The stainless steel body makes this classic pitcher a buy-it-for-life item. It’s durable, it’s quick to clean, and it looks great in any style kitchen or cafe. Securely attached is an ergonomic handle that’s comfortable to hold, even for busy baristas working long shifts.

The 600ml capacity makes this pitcher great for small to medium sized espresso drinks, like cortados, flat whites, and cappuccinos, and small lattes.


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