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If you drink coffee, chances are you’ve had the Brazilian kind. Being the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter for the last 150 years, Brazil supplies over a third of the global coffee supply.

Brazilian coffee is processed in three ways: dry, washed, and semi-washed. With dry processing, harvested coffee cherries are dried traditionally under the sun, whereas washed processing takes place when coffee cherries are pulped by machine to remove their outer skin.

The seeds with their mucilage (the flesh of the coffee fruit) are then fermented, which gives off the coffee’s unique flavour. Coffee cherries are pulped and the beans undergo two phases of drying.

Coffee connoisseurs would talk about Bourbon Santos, Brazil Cerrado and how Brazilian coffee is able to take dark roasts without turning overly bitter. The best Brazilian coffee has relatively low acidity and exhibits a nutty, chocolatey taste.

Mild strength with a full body. Nutty and smooth with low acidity.

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Weight 250 kg

Beans, Ground for Espresso Machine, Ground for Paper Filter, Ground for Plunger / Metal Filter, Ground for Stovetop


250g, 500g, 1kg (1 x 1kg bags)


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