Sidamo (Subscription)

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Ethiopians take great pride in their coffee and Ethiopian coffee is best known for its complex, distinct wine flavours and citrus notes.

Ethiopian coffee flavour profiles are impacted by their processing methods, which are dry and washed.

Washed coffee beans display floral notes in the aroma (think jasmine and lemon flavours) while others may exhibit spicy and distinct wine flavours with fruity tones.

Naturally-processed or dry Ethiopian coffee is known for its light acidity and strong mocha flavour with hints of berry notes in the aroma.

A well balanced coffee with medium strength and good body. Hints of blueberry and stonefruit.

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Weight 250 kg

Beans, Ground for Espresso Machine, Ground for Paper Filter, Ground for Plunger / Metal Filter, Ground for Stovetop


1kg (1 x 1kg bag) Every two weeks, 1kg (1 x 1kg bag) Monthly, 1kg (1 x 1kg bag) Weekly, 250g Every two weeks, 250g Monthly, 250g Weekly, 500g Every two weeks, 500g Monthly, 500g Weekly


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