Timor Atsabe Organic – Honey Process 250g


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Atsabe is located in the remote area of Ermera famously known for being the biggest coffee producing area in Timor Leste and this coffee is from Cafe Organiku Atsabe.

Coffee is grown in the mountains amongst shade trees at an elevation of up to 1600m. After harvesting, the coffee undergoes a honey process whereby the coffee is dried with some or all of the mucilage remaining in the beans, which adds to the acidity of the profile.

The coffee has a balance of nutty and fruity notes including almond nougat, mandarin and honey.

To read the inspirational story of Ameta, the young entrepreneur, from Atsabe who has created and established his own coffee business Cafe Organiku Atsabe, click this link

For more information on Honey Processing click this link



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Weight 250 g

Beans, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Filter, Ground for Plunger, Ground for Stovetop


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