FREE Postage on orders over $100 (within Australia)                     SPECIAL PRICE ON ORDERS OVER 3KG

Adapting the business during COVID

It’s coming up to a year since coronavirus changed business in Melbourne and throughout the world.

Many businesses closed their doors either temporarily or permanently during lockdown, us included. Business was turned upside down and it was important to adapt to survive. Fortunately, Quists Coffee were already servicing customers online and were in the process of upgrading the website to provide a better experience to customers.

In addition, all orders are either personally delivered or sent by Express Post. This way we can guarantee prompt arrival of orders directly to the customer which is a most important requirement of ordering online. We want our customers to be secure in the knowledge that when they order from us, they will receive fresh coffee, securely and promptly.

There has been a major change in the lifestyle of people in Melbourne as they become comfortable with goods being delivered to their doors. As business in the Melbourne CBD came to a stand still, the strong demand for home deliveries prompted local advertising in the vicinity of our Roasting Plant near Eltham, an outer suburb of Melbourne. Our drivers continue to delivery to homes and offices throughout the region and we believe the demand for home delivery will continue.

Our Roasting Plant has always offered factory door sales and as people are choosing to shop local, the factory door has seen a massive increase in foot traffic. We have set up a showroom at the factory with a display of coffee and stock which is also available on our website. Customers love to watch the roasting and packing process which can be observed throughout the week.

“Keep your options open and adapt” 

The re-opening of the city store after 7 weeks locked down earlier in 2020 was a major boost for many of our staff who had been isolating in their homes. They were pleased to return to work and we were grateful we had been able to save their jobs.

As the Melbourne CBD slowly returns to a new normal, we are also grateful for the business support, not only from the Federal and State governments but also the local governments of City of Melbourne and Nillumbik Council who have supported small business to be creative whilst keeping their options open and adapting to the current situation.

We are happy we are able to continue to take care of our customers, our workers and our business and thank you all for your support.